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CBD Support For Pets
cbd for pets

We carefully select each of our products for their consistency and quality. Each product we receive is third-party lab tested to verify its cannabinoid potency, THC levels, and more before joining our ever-increasing list of effective CBD products.

Vape Deal
CBD Products

Vapedeal is the only website with lowest price guarantee! We are offering commission of 10% on all customers you send our way. We offer daily deals on e-liquids, CBD vape juice, CBD edibles, CBD oils, vaporizers, latest vape mods, vape starter kits, vape tanks, batteries, coils/atomizers and vape accessories with lowest price guarantee.

Avid Hemp

A Message From Us - We have spent countless hours on research and development and continue to do so, to be sure that you as the customers, are always provided the best-of-the-best in quality. One of our clients helped motivate us during our initial beginnings and said, "I have tried 8 different CBD companies. I can confidently say Avid Hemp is the best. And your products truly work for me. I am forever grateful." We love hearing this kind of feedback as we do not cut corners or cut costs in anything we do. We strive for premium and high quality. We know there are many CBD companies out there today, but we also know there are only a small few who spent the amount of time and cost on providing our customers with the kind of product quality that we do. If you would like to experience the difference in Avid Hemp products, we encourage you to look through our product selection today. And don't forget to sign up for our newsletter for weekly discounts and promotions. With Kind Thanks, Avid Hemp

Green Goddess Supply
Green Goddess Smoking Accessories

Our Founder / CEO has been selling online since dawn of eCommerce in the mid- 1990's, and has built numerous successful online brands and product lines over the years, building and growing (and ultimately selling) popular ecommerce businesses. Now our management team has turned its attention to marrying our 25+ years of eCommerce expertise with our love of sourcing and providing high quality products. We have been working hard to design and perfect the highest quality products in each sub-category, bringing you only the very best. Our mantra is to "delight our customers with quality products." We believe in learning to crawl before we walk, then walk before we run, and so forth. Over the past 25 years we have always built our business organically, "a brick at a time" so to speak. Therefore, we started by designing and sourcing the simpler products first, and working our way up to more interesting, custom, handcrafted or otherwise unique products.

Genetics CBD

Innovative supplements with a blend of botanicals in a CBD oil base. The power of cannabidiol or CBD, the non-psychoactive extract from the agricultural hemp plant + combinations of proven botanicals wisdom from ancient Greece, and traditional Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine. Our convenient capsules are free of bad-tasting hard to swallow oils and added flavors. We want to help people. If you are not completely satisfied with our products, you may return the unused portion of the bottle to us within 30 days of purchase for a full refund. Every Botanicaide product draws on the power of our proprietary combination of cannabidiol, or CBD, and key botanicals to help your body regain and retain its natural balance. We use the finest quality European hemp extract - CO2 extracted from sustainably grown, non-GMO and purity-tested agricultural hemp - and make it the starting point for each of our products. Our industry-leading production allows us to combine these ingredients into a convenient capsule tailored to your body's needs. Thus, no more tincture bottles with bad tasting, hard to swallow oil, and no need for multiple products to get all the ingredients you want.

Pure Relief
Mint oil

Pure Relief Pure Hemp Oil is at the intersection of science and nature, combining the best of both worlds in a product that tastes amazing and brings relief to all. Sublingual CBD Oil is the most popular type of CBD product on the market.

Sera Labs

Our CBD is completely isolated through CO2 extraction and crystal precipitation and is of the highest grade, pesticide free, Non-GMO hemp in the world.

Marijuana Grow Bible

You will learn: How to get the biggest yields from cannabis plants - What you need to get started, without wasting money - The most common mistakes you don't have to make

Growing Elite Marijuana
cultivation cannabis

The Ultimate Guide to The World's Best Marijuana Growing System Unlike other grow bibles, this is a full tutorial that cuts to the chase. It's a step-by-step guide to getting flawless grow and incredibly potent bud every time. It breaks down every process in order, telling you exactly what you need to succeed. By the end of the book, you'll know exactly what you need to grow the perfect bud—from seeds, strains, lighting, soil to harvesting.

Crop King Seeds
Crop King Marijuana Seeds

Crop King Seeds begins by searching the planet for the best strains and breeders. Our goal was to find the highest yielding cannabis plants from all parts of the globe. In selecting our strains we choose only the most hearty plants with consistant THC and CBD levels that are easy to grow for both commercial and private green thumbers.

THC University
THC University

Once enrolled as a student you can enroll in certification programs and start learning immediately. You also get access to M-F student support, monthly webinars, and grow support. We’ve created the world’s largest cannabis jobs board exclusively for THCU certified students. Plus, graduates get a free resume and interview consultation.



Weed eBooks Available For Immediate Download & Enjoyment!


Growing Elite Marijuana Plus 5 Bonus Titles

The Ultimate Guide to The World's Best Marijuana Growing System
Unlike other grow bibles, this is a full tutorial that cuts to the chase. It's a step-by-step guide to getting flawless grow and incredibly potent bud every time. It breaks down every process in order, telling you exactly what you need to succeed. By the end of the book, you'll know exactly what you need to grow the perfect bud—from seeds, strains, lighting, soil to harvesting. Order Your Copy Today and recieve the following 5 Bonus eBooks free!!


Bonus #1 - Build Your Own Bong

Inside You'll Get...Over 114+ AWESOME pipe and bongs ideas! Fully illustrated detailed step-by-step construction plans. Includes the Bamboo RIpper, Apple Pipes, Scent Hiding Steamrollers, The Chinese Waterfall Bong (The Gravity Bong and how-to use one!), The Trippy Acid Trip Bong, The Magical Lumberjack Pipe, Honey Bear Bong, and so much, much more. Learn all about bongs including the design considerations, The Water Test, scraping your bong, homemade smoking device aesthetics, materials, safety, liquids, and more! Blunt Rolling 101: Learn to roll like a pro. This fully illustrated, step-by-step guide shows you the secret technique to rolling Elite Blunts. Build your own incredibly effective homemade vaporizers! Including complete illustrated step-by-step plans for the classic design and the famous Volcano.


Bonus #2 - Ganja Etiquette

Smoking is a great thing. It brings people together and helps them bond while they are in a “higher” state of consciousness. However, certain unspoken social rules do exist whenever people get together for a good old Ganja sesh. If you suddenly find no one wants to smoke with you anymore, no worries –we'll show you how it's done. Oftentimes the faux pas of a newbie smoker can unknowingly ruin everyone else's high. For all you know, you may even be the one doing these annoying things and you don’t even know! If you want to be the go-to guy/girl for a pleasurable smoke, this guide is for you. After interviewing hundreds of regular everyday chill stoners & long-time smokers about their pet peeves and what truly makes an enjoyable social smoke - Ganja Etiquette was born. Learn the 41 Unspoken Social Rules of Smoking, the things that EVERYONE hates in "that guy"-- you know, the one who ruins everybody else's high. If you smoke with others, you MUST know these!


Bonus #3 - The Stoners Cookbook

Over 57 delicious pot-specific pot-loaded munchies, for you to bake in minutes and enjoy!
You'll also receive your own guide to making your very own THC pills that you can take with you anywhere you go. (pg. 32)THC drops. Learn how to make your own marijuana tinctures with ease! (pg. 10)A secret, extremely potent, legendary cannabis recipe born in the heart of Japan that took over 27 years to master and perfect. This is not for the weak willed, it is literally the most potent way to consume and prepare marijuana on the planet in existence today and I am NOT exaggerating one bit. Users who have tried this have reported pulsating colorful lightshows, extreme euphoric spiritual awakenings, and such unbelievable levels of blissful high that they have never imagined possible...that seemingly lasts forever.. some feel knocked out for 8-10 hours on average. Seriously don't try this, it might even be dangerous - I've included the complete step-by-step preparation instruction for reference and research purposes ONLY. (pg. 53).

Bonus #4 - Cannabis Care Manual

You'll Get...Fully illustrated, high definition, close-up pictures of every single common pest and nutrient deficiency. How to grow marijuana video. The Quick Marijuana Plant Problem Solver - a troubleshooting guide for rapidly solving ANY problem. Including symptoms & solutions and a complete remedy listing. Deadly plant stress, the symptoms and exactly what to do about them if they occur, and how to prevent them so that they never afflict your precious herb garden. Molds, fungi, diseases and more... complete prevention and effective treatment using chemical or organic controls so you get to sidestep the frustration and stress of these garden disasters that so many aspiring growers experience on their first time grow. And much, MUCH more...


Bonus #5 - Ultimate Strain Guide

The top 5 best known strains of marijuana in the ENTIRE WORLD. How to choose a top-grade strain -- Includes comprehensive descriptions of Sativas, Indicas, Feminized, Cross Breeds, Indoor, Outdoor, Height, Potency, and Harvest Yield. How to choose a reliable seed bank so you don't get ripped off and lose $100 dollars dealing with sketchy companies. My personal list of incredible strains – this is the list I almost didn't want to share. Get the full marijuana seed bank reviews and comprehensive seedbank listings. Over 1000+ full strain listings so you know just what to look for to give you the type of stone and taste you want in your fantasy bud.

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